Abigail Ministry International (AMI) traces its origins to the biblical character of Abigail, whose remarkable story of courage, wisdom, and compassion inspired the organization’s founding. Abigail, the wife of Nabal, a wealthy shepherd in southern Judea, demonstrated extraordinary grace and resourcefulness in the face of crisis.

When David, who would later become king, sought provisions from Nabal during a time of sheepshearing and feasting, Nabal responded with insolence, refusing to provide for David and his men. Angered by Nabal’s ingratitude, David prepared to retaliate with force. Meanwhile, Abigail, described as a woman of good understanding and beauty, learned of her husband’s actions and recognized the impending danger. With swift action and generosity, she gathered a considerable present of food and hastened to intercept David and his warriors. Through her wise and persuasive words, Abigail succeeded in averting disaster, saving both her household and David’s reputation.

Abigail’s courageous response to crisis, her ability to navigate conflict with wisdom and diplomacy, and her compassionate heart deeply resonated with the founders of AMI. Inspired by her example, they established Abigail Ministry International with a vision to recall and reposition women in their rightful place, echoing the qualities of faith, resilience, and leadership exemplified by Abigail.

Since its inception, AMI has been committed to empowering women globally, drawing inspiration from Abigail’s legacy. Through faith-based initiatives, community outreach, and partnerships with like-minded organizations, AMI endeavors to equip women with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in all aspects of life. Just as Abigail’s actions brought peace and transformation, AMI seeks to bring hope, healing, and empowerment to women around the world, honoring the spirit of courage and compassion embodied by its namesake.

Who We Are: Abigail Ministry International (AMI) is a globally recognized faith-based nonprofit organization. Inspired by the biblical character of Abigail, known for her wisdom and compassion, AMI seeks to empower women and promote holistic well-being in alignment with Christian principles. Just as Abigail responded wisely to crises, AMI endeavors to equip women to navigate challenges and contribute positively to society.