AMI addresses the multifaceted needs of women through strategic partnerships and effective interventions. Our activities encompass spiritual, physical, and emotional support, delivered in collaboration with governments, communities, churches, and NGOs. Some of our key initiatives include:

  • Abigail Prayer Meetings and Conferences: Creating spaces for spiritual growth, fellowship, and empowerment through prayer gatherings and conferences.
  • Evangelism: Spreading the gospel message of hope and redemption, inviting individuals to experience the transformative power of Christ’s love.
  • Women Leadership Capacity Development: Equipping women with the skills and confidence to assume leadership roles in their communities and beyond.
  • Adult Literacy Programs: Providing opportunities for women to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills, empowering them to pursue further education and economic opportunities.
  • Youth Development Programs: Investing in the next generation through mentorship, skills training, and character development initiatives.
  • Food Security Programs: Addressing food insecurity by promoting sustainable agriculture practices and providing access to nutritious food sources.
  • Vocational Training: Offering training and support for women to develop marketable skills and pursue livelihood opportunities.
  • Health Initiatives: Promoting access to healthcare services and education, with a focus on maternal and child health, disease prevention, and wellness promotion.

Through these comprehensive efforts, AMI strives to create positive and lasting change, fostering inclusive economies and resilient communities where women and children can thrive.