Embracing the power of prayer

The Prophetess Anna Program draws inspiration from the biblical account of Anna, a devout and prayerful woman who remained faithful to God and prophesied about the coming of Jesus. Rooted in the value of “Pray until Something Happens” (PUSH), this program encourages women to embrace the spirit of Anna and cultivate a life of fervent prayer and supplication.

Program Description

The Prophetess Anna Program is designed to empower women to embrace the transformative power of prayer in their lives. Just as Anna remained dedicated to prayer and fasting in the Temple, this program invites women to prioritize prayer as a cornerstone of their faith journey. Through regular gatherings and focused prayer sessions, participants are encouraged to seek God’s guidance, provision, and intervention in every aspect of their lives.

Program Activities

  1. Monthly Prayer Gatherings: The program convenes every second week of the month, providing women with a dedicated time and space for prayer and supplication. Participants come together from 9am to 5pm to engage in extended periods of prayer, worship, and reflection on issues related to womanhood.
  2. Focused Prayer and Supplication: During the gatherings, emphasis is placed on prayer and supplication for various aspects of womanhood, including personal challenges, family concerns, spiritual growth, and community needs. Participants are encouraged to pour out their hearts before God and intercede for themselves and others with faith and expectation.
  3. Emulation of Prophetess Anna: The program encourages women to emulate the example of Prophetess Anna by prioritizing prayer and fasting in their lives. Through teachings, testimonies, and discussions, participants learn from Anna’s steadfast faith and devotion, seeking to model her commitment to seeking God’s will and purpose.
  4. Prayer and Fasting: Fasting is a key component of the program, with participants encouraged to engage in periods of fasting as they seek God’s direction and breakthrough in their lives. Fasting serves as a spiritual discipline to deepen intimacy with God and align hearts with His purposes.

Get Invloved

If you are a woman seeking to deepen your prayer life and experience the power of God’s presence in your life, we invite you to join the Prophetess Anna Program. Through prayer, fasting, and community support, we believe that God can bring about transformation, renewal, and breakthrough in every area of your life.

Join us as we follow in the footsteps of Prophetess Anna, embracing the value of persistent prayer and trusting in God’s faithfulness to answer. Together, let’s seek His face, believe His promises, and experience the fruitfulness of a life surrendered to prayer.