Abigail Ministries Empowers a Family in Mityana

Abigail Ministries recently reached out to the Waliigo family, pastors in a local church in Kassejjere village, Mityana. The Waliigos, comprising Mr. and Mrs. Waliigo and their four children, faced daunting challenges upon relocating to Mityana in 2013. Initially, they struggled with homelessness, with Mr. Waliigo resorting to sleeping in a tree for shelter while using a tent (Etundubali) as a makeshift dwelling, later repurposed as a church shelter.

Despite moving into a temporary tent, space constraints and cold nights persisted. In February 2014, a heavy storm ravaged their makeshift home, leaving them destitute. While strangers offered shelter to their children, the couple endured cold nights in a thatched hut kitchen. Miraculously, they managed to erect a new shelter made of iron sheets, a significant improvement in their living conditions. Mr. Waliigo considers it a testament to God’s providence, declaring himself the wealthiest man in the area due to their new iron sheet house.

Their church, also blessed with iron sheets, became a source of pride and gratitude. Mrs. Waliigo’s encounter with Apostle Sarah Bunjo during a preacher’s wives’ meeting in Kakiri marked a turning point. Inspired by Apostle Bunjo’s ministry objectives, Mrs. Waliigo invited her to a two-day conference, forging a lasting partnership.

Apostle Bunjo, deeply moved by the Waliigos’ plight, initiated efforts to provide them with a permanent home. The Abigail community rallied behind this cause, purchasing land and undertaking construction. Their support extended beyond shelter, as evidenced by initiatives like dressing pastors’ wives in Mityana and facilitating their participation in Abigail’s annual conferences.

You can join us in this noble endeavor by contributing to the construction of a new home for the Waliigo family. Contact us today at +256 704 602 836 or via email at info@abigailministries.org.
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